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Home Is Where The Mom Is

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There are currently almost 7,000,000 moms in the United States who have chosen to make at-home motherhood their career, and 6,000,000 more who work outside the home only part-time. These numbers are rising as more and more moms are taking advantage of job sharing, working from home, and flex-time arrangements.

At-home moms—always at home or new to being at home, with one child or eight—face many challenges unique to being at home most of the time. If you are an at-home mom, you probably put everyone and everything else before caring for yourself, not realizing you need to be at their best spiritually, emotionally, and physically before you can care for everything else. Home is Where the Mom Is is the first book for at-home moms that begins with a section about caring for yourself spiritually, mentally and emotionally, and physically.

Home is Where the Mom Is will give you the most comprehensive look at all aspects of being an at-home mom, covering many diverse subjects, including:
  • Getting through a bad day
  • Strengthening your spirituality
  • Revising unrealistic expectations
  • Getting your husband’s support
  • Formulating your Philosophy of Parenting
  • Bringing your children up to know God
  • Preparing for and surviving sick days and nights
  • Dealing with impossible relatives
  • Breaking the Shopping Rules
  • Making a To-Don’t list
  • What God says about money
  • Spending less, saving more, and bringing money into your home
Despite books, articles, and experts, sometimes “real moms” have the best advice. Home is Where the Mom Is encourages you to consider any advice you can find, but to use the solutions that work for your family. 

Because your kids and husbands don’t fill out job evaluations, you may have a hard time evaluating the results of your day-to-day efforts. A unique aspect of Home is Where the Mom Is is the Goal Setting section at the end of each chapter, which encourages you to set and work towards goals relating to what you’ve just read. Setting and working towards goals gives you a way to evaluate your hard work. The introductory chapter of Home is Where the Mom Is   gives simple instructions for setting effective, realistic goals.

Home is Where the Mom Is contains 366 information-packed pages in paperback, 6” x 9” format. Appendix A contains an extensive list of Resources and References that will help you in your career as an at-home mom.